15% TAX






Not sure how many cakes you’ve earned so far? Use our convenient reward tracker to check your rewards any time.

Usecase is online delivery food service to order your favorite food with crypto!


How to buy $Cupcakes

Contract address:

Trust Wallet

Download and install Trust Wallet from App Store or Play Store. The app is secure and used worldwide in the de-fi market.
Remember to never share your seed phrase.

Deposit some BNB
to your wallet

Purchase BNB on Binance, in Trust wallet copy your Smart Chain address. Paste address to withdraw dialog in Binance app. Your BNB will appear shortly in your Trust Wallet.

Open Pancake Swap
and connect your wallet

Pancake Swap is an exchange platform that allows users
to swap Smart chain BNB with other defi tokens.
Paste this address
to Pancake Swap dialog window in exchange for BNB.
Confirm order and watch $cupcakes work for you.

Audit Report

Audit from Techrate passed with the just right amount of ingredients, baked to perfection and served in record time.



Our audit from Techrate passed with the just right amount of ingredients, baked to perfection and served in record time.

7% Reward In CAKE

7% of every buy/sell redistributed to all holders. Hold $Cupcake coins and earn $CAKE.

3% Auto Liquidity Pool

3% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity. It helps to reduce volatility.

CAKE EVERY 20 Minutes

No need to claim your earned CAKE.
It’s automatically sent to your wallet every 20 minutes.


Liquidity is locked with DXSALE for 1 year.
Audit of the contract made by Techrate.


5% of every transaction is split into 3% to marketing and 2% for refund. Once we refund every v1 holder, the refund system is disabled.


$CUPCAKE is the sweetest token around. But what’s it made out of and why should you be stacking up on Cupcake Coin right now!? Read our Whitepaper.


✓  New Website

✓  New Roadmap

✓  Crazy MC Giveaway

    CG + CMC Listing

•    Strong Marketing

•    5000 holders for Trust Wallet

•    More Games


    Merch Shop

    Bakery Brawl

✓ Launch Closed Beta Testing

•   Implementing Crypto payments

•   Further Development and Testing

•   Approaching Potential Partners

Cupcake Smash

Minimum hold to win game prize is 10mil $CUPCAKE

No sells in the same week as winning

Each wallet must have a unique associated tg account to claim their winnings

Cupcake Team

We all met from various different projects but knew over time that we all wanted to work together on something special. Each of us do something different and offer a lot of passion and energy to what we work on. As a group we work together so well feeding off each other’s ideas and following through with those ideas to make progress you couldn’t imagine from a small team.

*don’t fall for a scam! None of the team members will never DM you first as well as will never ask you for your recovery seed. 

Hey Cupcake community!

We have some exciting news to share with you.

We are pleased to announce that we will be taking over Shibance!


Shibance has been an amazing partner to us and now we get to run things from the inside. We believe that we are the right team to take this product to the next level. This gives us the flexibility to run a dex and farms for our communities, which is a major opportunity.


Stay tuned for me details as they will be released over the coming days and weeks. We couldn’t be more excited to have all of you come on this journey with us.